Henna Tattoos

60+ New Trend Henna Tattoo Design Ideas for This Summer

Henna tattoo, aka Mehndi, is a type of temporary ink bottle and is very common in countries in the Middle East and South Asia. Although it is now a fashion trend in the form of a tattoo, traditional henna is applied to brides before marriage by a special party. It lasts about two weeks. Henna artists use a special tube or syringe to create delicate patterns on the palms of the hands and on the soles of the feet or on any part of the body. Today in stores you can find models and tubes ready to use with henna. Now enjoy a collection of both modern and traditional henna tattoo designs.

Since henna is applied to the skin, you will not be able to avoid an allergic reaction. This is why it is advisable that initially everything is simple. Having established that you are not allergic to skin, you can choose more complex models. There are many models you can choose. Although you may be tempted to choose something more complex, it is still advisable to choose simpler and more accurate designs. You can make a henna tattoo yourself, but this is not recommended. Look for a professional tattoo expert to do it for you, so you can guarantee that your first henna tattoo will be amazing.

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