Sleeve Tattoo

59+ Best and Unique Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas and Images

Many cultures around the world have used tattoos as a form of expression. Some cultures used tattoos as part of many rites of passage, for aesthetic or artistic purposes, as a type of warrior badge, to identify a tribe or band, and so on. But it is clear that when it comes to cultures from all over the world, tattoos have always meant both affiliation and marginality.

Tattoos have recently become more visible than before. No part of the body would be affected by the tattoo. This form of ink painting has been applied in almost all the smaller and more important areas of the human body. Many men like to have tattoos on their sleeves because they look pretty impressive, especially when they use good design and an excellent color combination. It is also desirable, and sometimes even appropriate, to choose a good tattoo for men’s sleeves compared to applying ink to other parts of the body.

When you decide to have a tattoo on your sleeve, you have to consider a lot of things. Do you want your whole arm covered in tattoos, or just half a quarter of a sleeve? Your tattooist can help you better determine the position and size of your sleeve tattoo. Some people start with a couple of randomly positioned tattoos, and later combine them into a larger and more meaningful figure. If you are starting with the idea of ​​a cover, it would be good to consider the final design and positioning scale of your tattoo.

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