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31+ Best And Cute Forearm Tattoos Designs Images for 2019

Teenagers are always looking for ways to express themselves. For those over 18, tattoos are a simple and elegant way to break the mold. It’s as if you had your favorite piece (or word / meaningful phrase) with you at all times. We found 125 modern forearm tattoos ranging from subtle to eye-catching items. They are perfect for teens who want to make a statement or immortalize something that matters to them.

Watercolor tattoos are simple, tasteful and become more popular. With its subtle shadow effect and finely placed lines, this sly and seductive fox will surely attract attention!

The forearm is a particular part of the arm of a generally tattooed person, and the tattoos in this area are called tattoos on the forearm. It is undeniable that the number of people, especially men, who tattoo each day on their forearms, is increasing rapidly. It’s simply because of the great beauty they can offer their wearers. Another reason why many people opt for a tattoo on the forearm is the fact that it is very easy to show and hide them. Can you imagine other tattoos that appear and hide quickly next to the tattoo on the forearm? If you are one of those people who want to get tattooed on their bodies, this is the perfect time to consider this.

Tattooed forearms have a very rich history that every tattoo artist should know. In recent years, Borneo women have been tattooed on their forearms and these tattoos have symbolized their special abilities. Many of these women opted for the symbol of a weaver to attract men who were looking for their life partner or simply called wives. In the great nation of Rome, slaves wore tattoos on their forearms and their motives were like their masters. Kayan women also wore these tattoos for a large ornament on their body. In addition, in the past, tattooing on the forearm was used to identify the person’s rank in the society, family, tribe and community to which they belonged. It was extremely observable for the Polynesians.

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